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Program Begins in may

The University of Miami School of Business Administration offers a new accelerated MBA program with a concentration in real estate highlighted by two internship opportunities. Bringing together the School's strengths in management education with the strengths of the UM School of Architecture in new urbanism, the program is designed to prepare students to succeed in commercial real estate market careers.

Accelerated MBA in Real State

The Accelerated MBA with a Concentration in Real Estate Program includes two paid internships. These internships provide students with the opportunity to get real-world, hands-on commercial real estate experience in two different real estate markets.

It is a 40-credit program that is completed in 18 months. The program is "lock-step" and students progress together through a sequential pattern of Real Estate and MBA courses along with internships. In addition to the initial summer and fall semesters where students complete a three-credit course and participate in their internship/field experience, there are two semesters of coursework (fall and spring) totaling 28 weeks of class time. Each semester consists of two seven-week terms. Students are registered for four to six courses per term.